Want to Write a Book? The Best Two Word Writing Advice

What is the best advice you can hear to help you write a book?Two words: Show up. The more you show up to write your book, the better chance you will not only write a book, but complete and publish it, too.Here is its value. Showing up to write a book – whether you do it in systematic spurts or daily – reveals you take yourself seriously and give to yourself lovingly as a writer.One writer who took my workshop said, “I realized my life always comes back to writing… Now I don’t wait until there is time and space for me to write my book. I schedule time to write daily and hold onto it. And I am writing…finally.”Another writer from one of my writing groups echoed this wisdom, “Those two words – ‘show up’ – have been the most important writing advice I ever received to write my book. Since then, I show up and write for a few hours each day. Writing is what I love to do. It’s also the discipline I need to get my book done. The writing does not flow every day. Some days, I sit in the silence. Other days, I do research for my book. At times, rewriting can seem tedious – and endless. But showing up to write the book, no matter what happens during the writing time, is part of the process. Showing up, I completed my manuscript.”I recently attended a presentation by a successful screenwriter who also knew the importance of showing up to write. When she was already a successful screenwriter, she also became a wife and mother. She continued to write at home, but her children started to interrupt her with regularity. She could not concentrate on her writing and maintain creative momentum. Sound familiar?This writer did not hesitate. She sat her family down and told them, “I love you. You are important to me. But so is writing. And I can’t write when you interrupt me. So it’s your choice. I can either stay at home and write or rent a space and write or go to a coffee house to write. But know that I am going to do whatever is necessary to keep on writing.”Miracle of miracles, her children began to respect her writing space, and she was able to stay home to write after all.I have found “showing up” to be critical to my writing process, too. As much as I believe you only need 15 minutes a day a few days a week to get started to write a book, I also believe in the value of showing up. Consistently. This consistency of writing practice lets your writer self grow strong. It lets your writer self know on a deep visceral level that you are there for it, that you will show up. That more often than not, you will not follow the multitude of other voices that call you to go, do, live, work, play, handle all that is other than writing a book.Right now, I am writing a novel. And as I have found with the other books I have written, at a certain point in the process, a book-in-progress cries out its need for a commitment of more of your time, more of your steady presence, your follow through, your showing up in order to birth itself.This need presented itself recently, and I made the dive to show up to write my book, heart wide open. The novel is finally revealing the fullness of itself to me in a steady stream of words, a steady flow of words and ideas and next steps. I dive and flow between writing, outlining, plotting and research, a watery dance with the depths of what presents itself to come through me in the still moments of the early morning or at night.I show up daily 5 to 6 days a week – even when I can’t, mustn’t. And the more I do, the more readily I slip into the writing groove, into the stillness from which the words arise to write a book. Dreams come in the night to support it, too. Ideas, phrases and scenes pop in unexpected as I am engaged in the rest of my work day or taking a walk in nature.Showing up to write a book is a commitment I – and you – must make over and over again. One morning, I may wake up “too tired” to write. I may feel uninspired. Or, the “to-dos” of my work day call. My cat wants to play the moment I sit down to write. Or, I remember an email that “must” be answered. I sense the tug of war rope threatening to pull me away from writing. I acknowledge it. Let go of the rope.Then, I turn to my writing desk, say to myself, I may not have the energy for it. But I will give the novel at least 15 minutes or an hour. That is something. Even if I sit there.And before I know it, a couple hours have passed, and I have given myself over to the creative process.Your “showing up” to write your book does not have to look like mine. In fact, mine changes from book to book, project to project. But however I do it, I’m more like a marathon runner as a writer. Other writers are sprinters. One writer friend does not move forward on her novel-in-progress until the day or two before each meeting of our shared writer’s group. Then, she writes and rewrites for several hours before the group – and comes in with sparkling gems of writing.However you show up or don’t, writing has patience. It will wait. If you can’t commit right away, if you don’t show up in a day or month, it will forgive again and again and again. Then, when you do show up, it will come to you from such purity, such sweetness and trust as you open your soft petals to it, and it opens its soft petals to you. For what your writing loves is intimacy. What it loves is mutuality. What it loves is the gifts you co-create to share with others. What it loves is filling the stillness, the empty places in your heart with the slow dance of words. What it loves is the joy you find in showing up.

The Joys Of Selecting Classic Children’s Books For Your Kids

Parents take a lot of pleasure and delight when selecting children’s books for their kids especially if they are classic books. Parents are like walking down memory lane as they go through piles of books and remember their own childhood when they also look forward to reading their own books.So how should you choose children’s books?Bright and ColorfulChildren are naturally fun and active. However, they easily lose interest and attention if they are doing a particular activity for a long time. It’s the same thing with reading. You need to capture their attention and keep them long enough to enjoy the books in front of them. Bright and colorful children’s books are guaranteed to catch their attention. Dr. Seuss books are classic examples of books that create visual impact on children. They have vibrant colors and illustrations that are really meant to capture the kids’ attention.Good storyDo not underestimate a child’s capacity to understand; good stories are really appreciated by children especially if they make them laugh a lot. Select children’s books that are well-written, funny, and, as much as possible, those that teach good moral and values. Parents should utilize books not only to entertain children but to educate them as well. It’s worthwhile to note that children learn more in a fun environment. So when you they enjoy the books that you read to them, they are likely to pay more attention and learn more in the process.
Engaging and with good recallChildren have very good imagination and they just love children’s books that challenge their creativity and imagination. As such, you should choose books that are very engaging; those that ask questions or allow the children to participate in story-telling are very much recommended.These days, there’s what we call personalized children’s books where the name of your child can appear as the main character of the book. This will be thrilling for the kids who can really feel like they’re real princesses or super heroes.When you’re able to choose the right books, remember that parents also have important roles to play in making such children’s books valuable to kids. Make story-telling a regular bonding activity with your kids. Aside from bedtime stories, you can set-aside a specific time of day or specific day of the week when you will just read books to your children. This way, your kids will have something to look forward to and will associate reading with fun and excitement.Another innovative way of getting your children to enjoy reading is to look for interactive or download-able children’s books. With interactive books, story characters can come to life and kids will have more fun. You can also download or print story books so you can read them to your children. There are literally hundreds of websites that offer free download-able books for children of all ages. You can choose from different stories and select ones with colorful illustrations too. You can bring them anywhere and distribute copies to other children as well.